US Magazine Exposure

February 1999 issue of Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness                             

After my good novice showing at the 1997 NGA Hercules contest in New York, I was  invited by NB&F editor Steve Downs to do an article for his mag. One week after the  show, we did a photo shoot in a park in Brooklyn (in autumn - it was freezing!).

Steve liked the idea of including a photo that showed me before I got serious about dieting for a show. Here some background info:

In 1997, as I prepared for my first natural show in the US, I simultaneously participated in a body transformation contest by supplement company EAS. Even though I did not win the photo contest (someone else snatched away that first prize Corvette...), I learned a great lot about my body, about nutrition, dieting and the power of proper supplementation. 

The trick with these "before & after" picture contests is, of course, to binge eat for a few weeks and then pose as poorly as possible (pale, puffy and watery) for the "before" pictures. Then, you whip yourself into shape with a strict contest diet.

Looking back, I find the "before" picture very amusing - hope you like it, too. I must emphasis, though, that I have never allowed my weight to balloon back up to 100+ kg ever since. In my opinion, staying close to contest shape, eating fairly clean and doing some cardio year round are essential for making continuing progress.


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