SNBF Swiss Championships

in Aegeri on October 22, 2016:

3rd out of 9 Athletes Masters 40+

Best Athlete 50+

and qualified for the 2016

WNBF Natural
Bodybuilding Amateur World Championships
Masters 50+

on November 19 in Los Angeles

                       PROUD MEMBER  OF THE

                   AND FITNESS FEDERATION

      - professional POLYGRAPHING of all athletes
      - IOC DRUG TESTING top three in each class

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                                Date of Birth:             September 6, 1966

                                Place of Birth:            Basel, Switzerland

                                Place of Residence:  Basel, Switzerland

                                Occupation:               Private Banker

                                Training since:          1984 (Natural for Life)

                                 Height:                       1.85m (6 ft 1") 

            Sound: Queen, Flash Gordon Theme (my 2004 Posing Music)

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